If you’ve ever experienced a renovation while still living in the home during the construction, then you know why we’ve decided to take on this topic. It’s messy, it’s loud, it’s disruptive, it’s…a pain in the you know what! So if you’ve just bought a house, and you know you want to renovate – you may have an advantage of getting some remodeling done before you’ve tucked in your bed sheets and plug in a coffee maker. 

If circumstances allow for you to hold off living in the home you just closed escrow on, get the remodel done as quickly as possible and enjoy moving into a home that’s ready for you, exactly how you want it. These are some of the bigger projects you should consider getting done before moving in:

New Floors

Think about it, literally everything you just moved in and placed all around would need to be moved out and stored out of the way. New flooring can be a tedious project. Move furniture, rip up old carpet and flooring, dust, mess, can’t walk in that area, move all the stuff back over and in place, and so on! If you get the flooring done prior to moving in, all of this can be avoided and you dodge the double-work of moving your things in and out and getting them dusty and dirty.

Kitchen Remodel

The big one – the kitchen. I mean, pretty self explanatory why this one should definitely be done before moving in. The kitchen is one of the most utilized and important sections of the home. If you can, avoid the hassle of figuring out where to store and make food while kitchen renovations are going on. Another factor is saving money on dining out more often because you can’t fully utilize the kitchen during renovations. One more thing to consider is that a lot of times, the kitchen can be near another part of the house that you need to get to, or possibly travel  through the kitchen to get to, and how it might affect that.


This one is more doable than the others if you have another bathroom you can use while one is being remodeled. If you’re planning on remodeling more than one bathroom, it’s advised to do them at separate times for the above and obvious reason – so you still have a bathroom available that’s working. Bathroom remodels can be a hassle if you cut the number of available bathrooms down and have a multi-person household. Even more so in the case that you only have one bathroom – then you’ll definitely need to get creative or get a gym membership!

We know it can be both mentally and financially overwhelming to both purchase a new home and do renovations at the same time; however if it is possible for you, then it is definitely worth the investment and possible additional bit of time it may take to move into the new space. If you can find a reputable contractor through your real estate agent or broker, they can help guide you through the process and planning. Mapping out and prioritizing any renovations you want to do to and accommodating the best possible living conditions in the home.